Sierra Leone’s WASCAL membership on negotiation.

Sierra Leone’s membership in the West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change (WASCAL) is being negotiated, the country’s Deputy Ambassador in Germany Jonathan Leigh was told on Wednesday 12th July 2019 at a preparatory meeting with African WASCAL Ambassadors in Berlin at the invitation of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

With the exception of Ivory Coast,  the other three Mano River Union countries namely Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone are not members

The purpose of the meeting was to prepare the groundwork for the hosting in Accra Ghana of the 3rd Conference of WASCAL Ministerial Council on July 30th 2019. WASCAL is a partnership between the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as main funder and its ten West African partners of Benin Republic, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, The Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo.

Membership is open to countries but it is not mandatory or compulsory for a country to become a member, Jonathan Leigh was told when he asked why is it that not all the West African countries are members of WASCAL. On relationship or collaboration with the UN Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), he was told that the latter educate researchers in negotiation and can provide expertise.

The Ghanaian diplomat concern was the sustainability of funding for WASCAL with Germany now carrying the financial burden and wanted to know if countries were up to date with payment of dues. Records made available showed that few of the countries are in arrears as at 31st December 2018 and arrears from dues currently stands at 1.843,406.91 Euros. Current payment as at the same period stood at 774, 743 Euros.

But it was disclosed that there is no sanction for late payment or non payment of dues in reply to another question from Ambassador Leigh as to whether countries in arrear of dues risk losing benefits from WASCAL. However, research projects of WASCAL are funded by donors

CTBT Head briefs African diplomats in Germany on ratifying & signing nuclear test ban treaty.

African diplomats accredited to Germany have been briefed on the importance of ratifying and signing the nuclear test ban treaty under the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) whose mandate is to ensure and enforce the ban of nuclear explosions by everyone, everywhere on the earth’s surface, in the atmosphere, underwater and underground.

Sierra Leone was represented at the briefing by the Deputy Ambassador and Minister Plenipotentiary, Jonathan Leigh.

Executive Secretary of the CTBT organisation, Lassina Zerbo told diplomats at the session hosted at the Belgian Embassy that Africa is important multilateral like a zombie that never dies insisting that we have to be together. Referencing the UN General Assembly Resolution One dealing with nuclear power and energy; his warning was “don’t develop nuclear weapon”.

The establishment of the AU peace and security commission shows the collectively responsibility and care of the continent for peace and development. Why is it that all the five permanent members of the UN are developing nuclear weapon; is it a criteria to belong, asked Lassina Zerbo.

According to him, Africa will be the most populated continent by 2050 and the concern is where do we get food and energy and be able to set our agenda. “No room to develop nuclear weapon anymore. We need peace and development hence the importance of signing and ratifying the treaties, “he says. And prepare ourselves to be part of global issues namely; nuclear weapon and climate change.

A question and answer session climaxed the event.

Ambassador MBaimba Baryoh in Freetown with Investors.

The Sierra Leone Ambassador to Germany, Dr. M’Baimba Lamin Baryoh together with a team of German investors have jet into Sierra Leone with plans of helping to promote the private sector.


The team said they were interested in investing in  “Plastic in the Environment” They told the stakeholders that,  they were interested in  recycling used plastics into useful plastic materials, thereby creating more jobs and minimizing the health hazard posed by plastic waste in our cities. Their project focuses on Green Economy, Mass Flow, Value added Chains, Technology and Recycling. The project will also develop a system to reduce the amount of plastic waste that enters the environment, particularly marine ecosystems in less developed countries like Sierra Leone. The project will be comprised with a set of concepts and preliminary designs that detail the implementation of a waste collection infrastructure, as well as vessel base treatment system and a method of commercialization of plastic waste.


Dr. M’baimba Lamin Baryoh and Dr Sankoh of FBC, being the architects and pioneers of this exemplary move had earlier built a friendly educational relationship between the University of Sierra Leone and German Universities “Institute of Marine Biology and Oceanography” with the Technology services, and “Bremen University of applied sciences “, all in Berlin, Germany. of which memorandum of understanding were signed among the institutions. This move made by Ambassador M’Baimba and Dr. Sankoh will support the unflinching effort made the President in bringing education to the doorstep of the people of Sierra Leone.


The “plastic waste recycling’ investors said they were ready to support the Government by bringing permanent plastic recycling ship to settle in Freetown. This will help in promoting the plastic industry.


The team led by the Ambassador M’Baimba Lamin Baryoh met with different stakeholders which includes Her worship the Mayor of the Freetown municipalities, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, the Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay and the Country’s Chief Minister, Professor Francis.


The stakeholders were very impressed with the outstanding move made by Ambassador M’Baimba Lamin Baryoh and encouraged him to continue the good job for the transformation of the country.

School pupils in Germany raise 365 Euros for Chimpanzees in Sierra Leone.

Deputy Ambassador to Germany, Jonathan Leigh was at the German Parliament (Bundestag) on Monday May 13 for an event with some pupils, below 10 years, of the Ernst-Reuter School who collectively raised the sum of 365 Euros for the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Freetown.

Member of the German Parliament, Gabriele Hiller-Ohm who initiated the meeting, suggested a twinning arrangement with the German School and a School in Freetown. She is Chairwoman of the SPD working committee on Tourism, and member of both the Committees on Labour and Social Affairs and Tourism respectively. She has once visited Sierra Leone.

The pupils say their teachers told them about the sanctuary and when they got home explained to their parents and they were very supportive. Pupils took turn to explain what they know about the sanctuary and why they choose to help specifically citing that they want to make life better for the animals as they are passionate about their right and well being describing them as a vulnerable group of animals.

“It is necessary to raise awareness to save them from extinction,” says one pupil. Another suggests that the chimps be treated in the same manner as humans are treated saying if we destroy nature we destroy ourselves. “It is important for the animals to have space to live,” another emphasised.

Ambassador Jonathan Leigh gave a background history of the Sanctuary since it was founded in 1995 by a Sri Lankan named Bala and his wife Sharmila, which was how the Tacaguma story began with the payment of $30 for Bruno looking sick at the time and was raised in their home until a second ape named Julie was acquired and they both grew up together.

He narrated the story of Bruno’s escape in April 2006 together with 30 others and even though 27 returned to the Sanctuary, Bruno and four others did not. He mentioned Jane Coodwall, the 84 year old chimpanzee expert who went to Sierra Leone in 1995 and was able to arrange for a Sanctuary for orphan Chimps. In February 2019, she visited Freetown again and was decorated by President Bio with the Order of the Rokel honor.

Also in attendance was Matthias Miersch, another Member of Parliament representing the SPD


The Ministry of Trade and Industry on Thursday 9th May, 2019 received a high power delegation of Italian investors led by the Ambassador of Sierra Leone to Germany Dr. Mbaimba Baryoh.

According to the national president, Confimpresaitalia, Prof. Dr. Luigi Manganiello, he said they are on an investment scoping mission to see how they can contribute to trade and investment in the country. He added that they are a trade union organization founded by a group of Italian entrepreneurs with the task of protecting entrepreneurs in the trade union, economic-financial, technological and environmental sectors.

Prof.  Manganiello disclosed that their main focus is to develop Small and Medium Enterprises, and Small Industry in promoting Value addition, especially on Cocao, Coffee, and other Industry and have intention to establish a shoe manufacturing company using local products for domestic and export use.

Prof.  Manganiello emphasized that the SMEs are the main engine of Italian economic development, so the services provided provide the tools necessary to be competitive on the national and international market.

Responding, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Peter Bayuku Konteh, welcomed the delegation and outlined all the reasons why Sierra Leone should be their destination for business.

The engagement was very cordial and demonstrated great potentials for business.

Ambassador M’Baimba Baryoh presents credentials in Austria.

Ambassador to Germany Dr. M’Baimba Baryoh, also accredited to Italy and Austria last Thursday May 2nd 2019 respectively presented his letter of credence and the letter of recall of his predecessor to Ambassador and Chief Of Protocol, Federal Ministry of Austria, Enno Drofenik in Vienna.

Both Ambassador Baryoh and Enno Drofenik held discussion centred on the relationship between Sierra Leone and Austria. And Mr. Drofenik told him he has full recognition to carry out his duties whilst waiting to present his credentials to the President of the Austrian Federal Republic. Also present during the brief ceremony was Bernhard Faustenhammer who is Minister Plenipotentiary and Deputy Chief of Protocol at the Federal Foreign Ministry of Austria.

He was accompanied by the Deputy Ambassador, Jonathan Leigh, Head of Chancery David Gbenjen and the Consulate General of Sierra Leone in Austria Dr. Wolfang Breitenthalar.

Later in the day, the Ambassador and delegation met Nella Hengstler, Regional Director Africa/Middle East ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA of the Austrian Economic Chamber. She has spent several years working mostly in West Africa, precisely Nigeria and been to Sierra Leone a few times.

On Saturday, Ambassador Baryoh and delegation were guests of honor at an event marking Sierra Leone 58th Independence anniversary organised by the Sierra Leone Union in Austria, an event also graced by nationals from The Gambia, Nigeria, Turkey, South Africa and Austria amongst others. A representative of MERCY HOME, an NGO with an orphanage in Freetown, Sierra Leone was given the platform to make a brief speech.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Baryoh explained in a nutshell the New Development Plan for Sierra Leone unveiled recently by the Government of Sierra Leone. Progressive strides made in the areas of Education with specific reference to the free quality education across board since President Maada Bio took over, the fight against corruption and how the country in the midst of these has regained international recognition.

Ambassador From Sierra Leone visits Denkendoff in Stuttgart.

The community Denkendorf had a special guest on Thursday, 4 April in the meeting room of the town hall: His Excellency M’Baimba Lamin Baryoh, Ambassador of the Republic of Sierra Leone in the Federal Republic of Germany. The visit was arranged by Willi Drechsler, honorary consul of the Republic of Sierra Leone. In addition to the entry in the Golden Book, the honor of the rector of the Ludwig Uhland School Claudia Zährl and Birgit Förster, who has been involved in the Schul-Förderverein for many years, was part of the program for the new Ambassador.

He was accompanied by the Deputy Ambassador, Jonathan Leigh, Head Of Chancery, David Benjen and Mrs Elizabeth Baryoh, wife of the ambassador.

Story Credit: Gemeindearizeiger Denkendorf. 11, April 2019

Reception for Ambassador Baryoh from Sierra Leone in the town hall

“The regular support of the Republic of Sierra Leone is a matter of the heart,” said Mayor Ralf Barth at his welcome. He emphasized that the community wants to continue to actively work for international understanding. Prior to the reception in the town hall, the head of the administration, together with the new ambassador of the Republic of Sierra Leone in the Federal Republic of Germany SE. M’Baimba Lamin Baryoh visits the Ludwig Uhland School. Barth handed the ambassador a gift basket with products from Denkendorf, Esslingen and the region. In addition, Baryoh was allowed to register in the Golden Book of the community. “I have not received such a reception in the five months since I am ambassador in Germany,” the physician thanked him and reported on the situation of his country, the great poverty in Sierra Leone and the great gratitude for support from all over the world, including Denkendorf. The visit was arranged by Honorary Consul of the Republic of Sierra Leone Willi Drechsler from Denkendorf. Drechsler reported on numerous activities in Baden-Württemberg for Sierra Leone. The community Denkendorf has supported Sierra Leone since 2006, among other things with several fire engines.

Around 60 guests accepted the invitation to the reception. In addition to mayor Peter Jahn aD and his wife Regina, former mayor Walter Dieterich, the ladies and gentlemen of the municipal council were also the ARGE chairman Walter Reber, the ARGE honorary chairman Fritz Drechsler, pastor Dr. med. Rolf Noormann, as well as the director of the Rolf-Deuschle-Heimatmuseums Rolf Deuschle from Denkendorf represented. The Bundestag and Landtag delegates had to apologize as well as District Administrator Heinz Eininger. Dr. Denkendorf was also a guest in Denkendorf. med. Beate Jacob from the German Institute for Medical Mission from Tübingen, the managing director of the Foundation for Development Cooperation Baden-Württemberg Klaus Weingärtner and Barbara Böttcher from the association Sierra Leone Baden-Württemberg eV and representatives of the State Fire Brigade Association,

The “Trio Emiliana” musically accompanied the Ambassador reception.

Honors for the commitment of the Ludwig Uhland School

The Ludwig-Uhland-Schule and its sponsoring association have joined the AG step by step since 2005 for the Republic of Sierra Leone. In Rotifunk three schools, a teacher’s house, a first aid station, a bakery and a fountain on a campus for about 400 girls and boys have emerged. Rector Claudia Zährl and Birgit Förster have now been honored by Ambassador Baryoh with a certificate of honor and a trophy for their extraordinary commitment. Honorary Consul Willi Drechsler highlighted the numerous fundraising activities in his laudatory speech.

Mayor Ralf Barth thanked for her exemplary volunteer work. “We’ve gone ahead, but that’s only possible if you have a team that shares the same vision,” said Claudia Zährl. Birgit Förster also emphasized: “We only managed that together. I thank you all.

German CEO Commends Positive Change In Sierra Leone.

Secretary General and CEO of the German Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, Mr. Mathias Mogge who paid Ambassador Dr. M’Baimba Baryoh a working visit on Thursday March 27th 2019, commended the Government of President Julius Maada Bio for the positive changes already made in Sierra Leone and its endeavours toward the aggressive fight against corruption, policies of good governance, fostering peace and security.

Mr. Mogge catalogued a series of projects Welthungerhilfe is carrying out in Sierra Leone which includes working in sectors such as Agriculture, WaSH (sanitation, marketing and hygiene promotion, waste management), Energy sector and Skill development amongst others.

But seemed disatisfied at the treatment encountered by NGOs in Sierra Leone, including the Welthungerhilfe organization, which he advised government to look into. He highlighted some bureaucratic problems and the issue of land,  whilst hoping that the government would understand the situation of the NGOs and relax their regulations.

Formally welcoming him, Ambassador Baryoh thanked the CEO and commended his organization for the development programmes they are undertaking in Sierrra Leone. He stated that the Government is now trying to regulate the activities of all NGOs working in Sierra Leone and asked for some patience.

The Ambassador further spoke about future projects which the Deutsche Welthungerhilfe could deal with in Sierra Leone, such as the School Feeding Programme and also training school children in food production. He also expressed the desire of the Government in promoting vocational training. The CEO and Secretary General of Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, Mr. Mogge promised to work on the issues raised by the Ambassador.

In another development,  Ambassador Dr. Baryoh had a follow-up discussion with Ms. Karin Kortmann, former Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and presently Head of the German Society for International Cooperation/ Deutsche Gesellschaft für international Zusammenarbeit GIZ– Representative Office in Berlin.

. Ambassador Dr. Baryoh speaking on behalf of the Government of Sierra Leone informed  Ms. Kortmann of an  intended application of the Republic of Sierra Leone to become a Reform Partner Land within the context of the Marshall Plan for Africa. Ms. Kortmann expressed appreciation with this initial step of the Sierra Leone Government which shows genuine intention of introducing forthright change in the country.

IAEA urges Sierra Leone to sign safeguards agreement.

Sierra Leone is being urged by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to amend text of the SMALL QUANTITIES PROTOCOL (SQP) and conclude the ADDITIONAL PROTOCOL (AP) as part of safeguards agreement with the watch dog body based in Austria Vienna.

Copies of the relevant documents were on Tuesday April 10th 2019 handed over to the Sierra Leone Deputy Ambassador to Germany Mr. Jonathan Leigh in a bilateral consultation meeting with officials of the IAEA in Vienna during the two-day IAEA SAFEGUARDS OUTREACH WORKSHOP FOR DIPLOMATS. Sierra Leone has a Permanent Member seat in the IAEA.

Ambassador Jonathan Leigh was also informed that Sierra Leone is to host a United States Of America Mission Department of Safeguards Outreach in Freetown between June 17th to 21st  in which the IAEA will also be involved.

The IAEA members were briefed on the involvement of their work and project in Sierra Leone both in Agriculture and Health based on feedback received a week earlier from Shaukat Abdulrazak, the Director for the Division for Africa at the IAEA Department of Technical Cooperation in a meeting and interactive session in Berlin with some African Diplomats. And the request to help train one of Sierra Leone’s medics in nuclear medicine was forwarded to the team.

During the two days events, Mr. Derek Lacey, Special Assistant to the IAEA Director-General on Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards, Christian De Francia Legal Officer, Non-Proliferation and Policy Making, Office of Legal Affairs and Susan Pickett, Section Head Safeguards Training Section took participants through a wide range of issues including Implementation of the IAEA Safeguards (reporting obligations and verification activities, State System of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Material: Collecting Information, and Cooperation with the IAEA respectively).

Tuesday morning started with a meeting of the Department of Technical Cooperation in which the Section Head gave an overview of the IAEA TC Programme highlighting their partnership with the WHO ( focusing on Cancer radiotherapy not control), the FAO in relation to animal decease control and nuclear technology control in Agriculture, plant breeding, resources and food safety and the UNEP focusing on ground water which invariably is the main strength of the IAEA.

The workshop was climaxed with visitations to the IAEA Laboratories in Seibersdorf for meetings with the IAEAs Office of Safeguards Analytical Services, the Nuclear Sciences and Applications Project Manager, Environmental Sample Head and the Head of the Dosimetry Laboratory.

Sierra Leone is being considered for the provision of a radiotherapy to treat cancer in the coming years but the country already has the technique to detect and control.

Ambassador Baryoh seeks Germany support for C-10 chaired by President Bio.

Ambassador of Sierra Leone to Germany,  Dr. Mbaimba Lamin Baryoh has on behalf of Heads of Missions represented in Berlin present at a meeting with Robert Dölger, German Federal Foreign Office Commissioner for Africa, expressed his thanks and appreciation of Germany’s objective of intensified commitment to Africa and counts on Germany as a strong African voice in the United Nations Security Council.

He added that Sierra Leone’s President Maada Bio currently holds the Chair of the Community of Ten (C-10), an African Union (AU) body responsible for negotiating long-awaited reforms of the UN Security Council.

Robert Dolger at the meeting on Thursday March 27th 2019 hosted at the Federal Foreign Office, presented the updated Germany’s Africa Policy Guidelines to the Heads of Diplomatic Missions accredited to Germany on Building on Germany’s Africa Policy Guidelines of 2014 and guided by the principles and objectives set out by the African countries in their Agenda 2063 and the goals set forth during the EU and African Union (AU) Summit in November 2017. The German government this year aims to intensify its Africa policy.

The objective is an intensified partnership with Africa and its measures will be geared to five core objectives of (1) promoting peace and security; (2) sustainable economic development and employment for all; (3) managing migration; (4) rule-based global order; (5) civil society partnerships.

In pursuance of its aim, Germany will avail of its membership in the United Nations (UN) Security Council in 2019 – 2020 and it Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2020.

Ambassador Dr. Baryoh emphasized that the firm aspiration of the C-10 is to obtain two permanent member seats on the UN Security Council with voting and veto rights and two non-permanent seats. Africa hopes and trusts that under the capable advocacy of Germany the C-10 can realize reforms it has been pressing for.